Topband: Another non-traditional antenna working.

W0UCE w0uce at
Thu Nov 17 13:04:37 PST 2011

Ya... Camouflage works...

Hi, Carl,

I repeat, a folded counterpoise is NO substitute for a dense and uniform
system, which is what you had in the end.

My question for you is if you had a 70 x 10 foot strip of that rocky stuff
to construct a counterpoise, and that was all the space you had, period, and
your neighbors hated your guts, what could you have done
in that 70 x10 foot space?   The FCP as a device is decidely NOT in
competition with any sturdy conceptual extension of the commercial grade
dense and uniform radial field.  To anyone, if you can do dense and uniform,
then do dense and uniform. You will love it. You will work lots of good
stuff like Carl.  You need not be concerned with any of this thread.

But if you can't do dense and uniform, then get decoupled from the dirt.
Absent dense and uniform, dirt (especially the rocky, sandy and urban
mishmash kind) is your enemy.

N3ND is in a small lot, it can ONLY go THERE, PERIOD, kind of situation.
The only reason we haven't just totally disinherited him and stripped him of
his Master's degree in plotting and conniving for backing himself into that
kind of a corner (literally), is that it's a wife's dream house kind of
thing.  Very pretty, very lovely, gorgeous.

AND the FUN of it is, we've got him on 160 IN SPITE of that, without a hint
of going ugly  :>)

73, Guy.

On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 9:16 AM, ZR <zr at> wrote:
> My 1988 CQ 160 top USA winner was a 90' shunt fed tower with a 10-20M 
> stack of 4 el on top. It also accounted for over 200 countries in 
> about 3 years. This was on a 1 acre lot and some of the Beverage 
> feedlines were over 1000' long going into the woods out behind the 
> development. Also friendly neighbors who allowed me to run the feeds.
> The ground was all sand and rock and the only thing that really worked 
> was a mat of galvanized and plastic dipped rabbit fencing extending 
> 50' from the base with about 60 random length radials out to 130' 
> under it. With just the radials performance was only fair.
> Carl
> KM1H

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