Topband: Hi Z antenna coupling

DAVID CUTHBERT telegrapher9 at
Sun Nov 20 12:34:56 PST 2011

There is no need to transmit to test your antenna. Received signal strength
will do.

With skywave antenna measurements there can be significant measurement
variability. Multiple measurements like so should be used. Antenna
A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B,C. Plot the data and you can see trends.

Dave WX7G
 On Nov 20, 2011 12:41 PM, <w7dra at> wrote:

> being radially impoverished, i have gravitated to high impedance feed
> antennas, the one at present is a tree mounted "120 up 130 over".
> i have installed three wall switches to be able to choose (one or all) of
> two differently configured 5/16 counter poises, and connecting my link
> coupled tuner tank bottom to  the transmitter coax feed.
> now i have the option of working someone ( if the someone is patient) and
> getting a signal report comparing the tuner tank coupling options
> i remember our mathematician ron murata talking about the magic "37" as
> the number of random events needed for some sort of statistical
> confidence
> (was too busy thinking about ham radio or girls to remember exactly what
> he said)
> so with a sampling of 10 we shall make a comparison......
> mike w7dra
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