Topband: Counterpoise very interresting

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Tue Nov 22 11:16:18 PST 2011

As long as we're providing testimony against a defendant who is now a SK, I 
can counter those assertions by saying L.B. was extremely helpful to me as I 
began learning EZNEC.  I had consulted with him on many occasions to clarify 
the design of various antennas and several link-coupled tuners.

Paul, W9AC

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> I got into it with L. B. several years ago.  He published something((I
> don't remember what) that was quite ambiguous, and I dropped him an
> e-mail asking him to be more specific.  He replied by accusing me of
> being demanding.   I found another source to reference in solving my
> problem and moved on.
> 73,
> Mike, W5UC
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