Topband: Erroneous info on ARRL web site about ARRL 160 contest

Herb Schoenbohm herbs at
Fri Nov 25 01:00:26 PST 2011

Merv ,

Maybe the rules changed.  Who knows?  But it is sure confusing as the 
the U.S. Territories are ether DX or they aren't DX.  Can you imagine if 
KP1, KP5, or even KH0 was active during this contest?  What is even more 
difficult to understand is that in the past years KP1 counted for the VI 
section.  Now wouldn't that be nice as you could work me and get credit 
for Navassa on 160 meters. Would the DXCC Branch give the same credit, 
no i really don't think so.  Or if under the rules DX can work me 
because I am now DX how are they going to get the VI section?  Under the 
(past) rules, if they have changed them and the release from the contest 
branch seems to indicate that, there was absolutely no way  that 
stations in KH6, KL7, KP4 or KP2 could be competitive.   My efforts 
don't even get listed in the results,  At least now, and it seems to be 
the case with the press release, I am now in the "DX" category, I can 
get my score listed.  Now if I am now a 5 pointer and also count as a 
needed VI section multipliers, that is great.  At least I have a chance 
to get listed in the results as a "DX" entry.  I am going to take the 
"release" signed by the contest branch at its word and refuse to work 
DX.  The ARRL, i have found, doesn't ever like to admit mistakes, so I 
will assume this is not a mistake and proceed accordingly.

There is a problem, and that is that most logging programs will have to 
be changed to reflect the new status of the US territories as DX.  If 
the British Virgin Islands, a few miles away, are DX in this contest 
then why not KP2?  What is strange is that the DXCC Branch has one set 
of rules that would give credit of each of the U.S. Territories as DX 
and the Contest Branch across the room would not.  AQ clear case of the 
left hand not agreeing to what the right hand is doing.  Now if Tom 
Wagner N1MM and his team of code writers can update N1MM to the new 
circumstances before the contest, that would be great.  if not I will 
manually edit all the hundreds of contacts and send it in as a DX 
entry.  I am going to proceed as the release states and just not work 
any DX stations.  Why not take the ARRL at its word? I had planned to 
work only DX stations as a personal protest to the previously weird 
rules as I have been trying to get the Contest Committee to realize how 
unfair and unbalanced they are.  So maybe, as the ARRL Press Release 
states, now I can count both as a DX stations and an ARRL Section.  I 
will now stop complaining and take them at their word and thank them for 
fixing this long enduring problem with the ARRL 160 meter "DX" contest.

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 11/25/2011 12:04 AM, Merv Schweigert wrote:
> Explain that to all the DX stations I call for a new one during that
> contest and
> refuse to work me..
> Merv  K9FD/KH6    ex  KH7C
>> There is an "advertisement" on the ARRL web site
>> for the 160 meter contest at:
>> Unfortunately, it states the KL7, KH6, etc count as DX.  They actually
>> count as ARRL sections.  KV4FZ has been campaigning for years
>> to educate DX stations who think they can't work him.
>> Elsewhere, the site says DX to DX qsos don't count, and KL7 is DX,
>> but KL7 can still work DX stations.  Very confusing.
>> Rick N6RK

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