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Phil Duff na4m at
Wed Nov 30 07:23:53 PST 2011

On 11/30/2011 14:48, N2TK, Tony wrote:
> After 15 years of using Commscope flooded RG6 for my 80M wire 4-sq I am
> showing corrosion on the center conductor at the feedpoints and Comtek box.
> So got another roll of the same stuff from eBay and making up 4 new
> feedlines. This time slipping 100 ferrite beads on the ends for choking.
> Cheap for that many years of use. I use F-connectors on the ends.

One thing I learned from my recent antenna project using RG6 and F 
connectors was to buy quality environmentally sealed F connectors 
(Snap-N-Seal) and the proper RG6 cutting/stripping and Snap-N-Seal 
connector installation tool.

Makes quick weather tight RG6 F connectors.  The junk 
push-on/screw-on/solder F connectors are nothing but trouble.

de NA4M Phil

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Phil Duff
Georgetown, Texas

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