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I think it was Christian that published that method in the 80's. I didnt do 
A:B tests but I started at 12' and  went to 20' at a roughly 45 degree angle 
for the rest of the run. Performance at 1200W was excellent considering the 
excessive power many DXers/contesters run on 160 and that I often beat in 
the pileups

This was a pair of wire verticals sloping off the top guys at the 160' level 
and about 3' out. Phasing was just the basic coax lines and relays for end 
fire and broadside since it takes a real effort to lose gain, and since I 
use Beverages the absolute F/B wasnt important but it was around 12-15dB 
with common mode chokes. This was 22 years ago before everyone got into the 
common mode choke act and business.  I cant see spending money needlessly 
for overpriced fancy switching and phasing boxes.


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> Team Vertical has employed a gull wing style of raised radials that would 
> eliminate your concerns. I'm not the expert here.... just mentioning 
> another alternative.
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