Topband: FCP model

Rick Karlquist richard at
Wed Aug 1 10:59:46 PDT 2012

Jim Hoge wrote:
> Team Vertical has employed a gull wing style of raised radials that would
> eliminate your concerns. I'm not the expert here.... just mentioning
> another alternative.
> Jim W5QM

I'm fairly skeptical of gull wing radials.  We know that
if the radial wire started at the feed point and ran vertically
parallel to the antenna a few inches away, that the effective
length of the antenna would be reduced by the height of the
radials.  Just as it would be if the radial started out at
that height.  The gull wing concept has the same current running
over the same vertical span, only spread out horizontally.
I don't see why that will make any difference.  It still cancels
out the radiation from the antenna.

Yes, they work (at least over salt water) in the sense
of team vertical contest scores.  But do they really have
any advantage over conventional raised radials?

Rick N6RK

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