Topband: K2AV FCP with 43' vertical

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Thu Aug 2 06:19:54 PDT 2012

---- Tom W8JI <w8ji at> wrote: 
> > Completely agree, but you didn't say how to get past the garden
> > committee. :>)  73, Guy.
> Thin wire or move.

When I was in a townhome in Tampa I was able to use what is called
"paddle wire". This is 22 ga. steel wire painted in green enamel. It
is used in crafts work for tying up plant stems for floral decorative
work and is sold e.g. in the crafts dept in Walmart or Michaels etc.

For antenna work it can't be easily soldered, is subject to kinking and
may develop rust spots and probably can't well handle QRO. But, when run
through trees is really hard to see. I used it as an end fed random wire
for a good while on HF and it was the difference between being on-air or not.
Being steel it is pretty strong. It is sold in bobbins that have to be unwound
and straightened.   ..just a suggestion.

73 Bob k2euh

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