Tom W8JI w8ji at
Thu Aug 2 15:21:07 PDT 2012

> (1) 130 feet of 300 ohms twin lead with the far one end shorted and
> pulled up over a coconut by a local climber $5 US max and connected to a
> small nylon line for adjustment in an inverted or sloping fashion back
> to my hotel room on the beach. (without the local climber  bring along a
> slingshot fishing line launcher.) If the hotel wasn't right on the beach
> or had any 70 foot palms I just drove to another one that did. Masting
> anything up beyond 50 feet by yourself just forget it.  Palm trees are
> great substitutes.  I think this antenna was describe for 160 in Bill
> Orr's (W6SAI) firsts handbooks.

Just be aware Orr had a consistent mistake in his articles on folded 
antennas. He claimed folding reduced ground losses by significant amounts.

I'm not sure where that idea started, but using a folded element does not 
change ground loss one bit.

73 Tom 

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