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Well said.

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So gently getting back to the topic of the original post which was:
Getting thoughts on relatively simple and relatively inexpensive
portable 160 m antenna, potentially deployable by one person, that
allows for flexibility and somewhat predictable tuning for use on modest
Dxpeds or rare location indigenous ops.>>>

Asking for the best antenna is like asking someone else to pick out a bride.

All you can do is say a few universal things to look out for.

It's almost impossible to tell someone what specific system would be best. 
Most of the differences are related to physical restrictions, unless 
something electrically important is done incorrectly.

Most of the things we argue endlessly about, or work tirelessly on, are 
really for fractions of a dB or personal taste.

1.) If you use a small counterpoise, don't ground it with RF paths. Isolate 
the feedline from the counterpoise and isolate the counterpoise from earth.

2.) Don't fold back antennas in high current areas, because current causes 
EM radiation. Keep the high current area straight and as long as possible.

3.) Use the largest counterpoise possible, and use one that does not 
concentrate current, zig-zag current all around, or produce unnecessarily 
high voltages.

4.) Build something that you can install, and that will stay up.

5.) Most of all, pick the best location you can. 

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