Topband: Soldering in the wild

Jim Monahan K1PX at
Sun Aug 5 07:18:47 PDT 2012

While I have used either a soldering gun with a long extension cord
or a propane torch as others have indicated for some 25 years, I have
found that GE Silicone II Sealant, which is fine for outside, to work very
well for covering solder joints.

I've purchased it in many local hardware stores. It runs around $6 per tube.

It cures in just a few hours, is rain resistant and does not affect the solder

There were reports years ago that the curing process would impact the solder
but I have not found that to be true.

It can be peeled off and I've always found the solder joint just as clean as
it was when it was first done even after several years.

Jim, K1PX

K1PX at

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