Topband: 160M from 5X

jon jones n0jk at
Thu Aug 30 14:38:11 EDT 2012

Nick: Another option if feasible would be an Inverted L with the vertical portion 50 feet. These typically have a 50 ohmimpedance with 3 or 4 radials, and work reasonably well. The horizontal portion can slope back to the ground - the higher the end is the better I find it works. L ft ~ 234/MHz ~ 130 feet.  A seperate receive loop (K9AY, etc) may also help you hear better. Best wishes.  - Jon N0JK

> I have been v QRV from 5X in past 5 years. Returning this Oct for 8 weeks and considering how best to get 160 on the air as it is the only band I have not worked and reckon there must be un-met need!
> I go to work (pro bono) at a community university so not a dxpedition but solo so plenty of time to get on the air. I carry all my gear with me.
> I am looking for help/advice in erecting a simple antenna which you guys can hear!  I have access to roach poles (30 footers) and can get max height of about 50 feet. No high trees locally and insufficent room for beverage antennas. Contemplating a 50 ft vertical with capacity top loading and some induction at the feed point. I will get grounding as good as possible within local constraints(small site, vehicles near the house etc). What do you think?
> Grateful for advice on antennas. I would only work CW - lots of experience on HF (110k QSOs from 5X on the other bands) but novice on 160 dx - advice (polite) also invited on operating.
> 73 Nick G3RWF/5X1NH


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