Topband: Still life and kicking

Merv Schweigert k9fd at
Tue Feb 7 11:22:23 PST 2012

Top band still has life left and kicking.  It is sure not what it was in 
past 3 years, but has some amazing openings if you spend the time to
wait it out.
I am usually on daily,  not making much noise,  just monitoring and checking
conditions,   past two days the beacons from the Russian area have been
coming through,  there are many of them down around 1811, 1813, etc
I hear 6 or more of them spaced across the low end of the band,  and when
conditions are really good I can hear another set all the way down to 1800.

Anyway, Dave A92IO has been on top band the past few days,  I have heard
him weak several times, but not able to get through,  my noise level is 
low and
he has been right at the noise,   low I mean S3 with  a little QRN only 
S5 peaks.
today when I turned on the rig ,  right there was Dave calling CQ.   above
the noise 559 signal,  we finally connected and about 15 mins later his 
was peaking 579.  Made my day,  he was good copy for
at least another 30 mins,  the only signal I heard on the band,  a few 
weeks ago
HZ1FI was the same routine,  this year the band seems to be peaking at
least an hour before sunrise,  signals peak very well then slowly go 
back to
the noise as sunrise approaches, a little different from last couple 
years where
my peak was right at sunrise.  So well worth watching for new changes,  also
signal direction is sure not via normal paths,  lot of skewing going on.
Heard 5N7M last nite at sunset for about a minute,  no chance for 
contact with
the EU pile up.
80 has produced some good DX also, finally snagged ST2AR after many weeks
of calling him,  the band is open but seems to lack activity.
Season not over yet gents,  keep at it.   73 Merv K9FD/KH6

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