Topband: FW: Proper Decorum On The "Gentleman's Band"...

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Thu Feb 9 09:10:55 PST 2012

It would be great if a firm volunteer band plan would be created and 
supported to spare us all the grief of overlapping modes- One that would be 
up to date on today's technology and various international band allocations- 
It just seems from 1.800-1.850, the overlap continues between contesting, 
DX'ing, and modes of operation......while all the SSB ops up above 1.900MHz 
seem to have it figured out-

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Soon we will be facing problems on Top Band, like one famous IT9 fellow on
3795 is creating ....
Sad story.

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Sigh - even Top Band is going the way of 75 meters and 20 meters, it would

Hey, it's even worse as a QRP type operator, trust me but........then again,
anyone crazy enuff to operate QRP on Top Band (raising hand to waive)
deserves some extra grief, 'eh?

BUT - I am SO glad to be able to be on Top Band, operating QRP,
participating in the contests and working towards QRP WAS on 160 (need SC,
CT, ME and VT) - it doesn't get any better than this!

72 to all - Jim Rodenkirch, K9JWV

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> Subject: Topband: FW: Proper Decorum On The "Gentleman's Band"...
> VE3CUI wrote in part:
> "...Why is it that some obviously seasoned operators on the band
> ignore queries as to frequency occupancy, preferring instead to rudely
> pounce upon unsuspecting callers in a manner that would surely convince
> newcomers that the term "Gentleman's Band" is merely a quaint reference to
> bygone age...?"
> HI Eddy -
> Most likely it is not the "obviously seasoned operators" who are causing
> and all the rest of us grief on Top Band. It is a repeating occurrence
> during casual daily operation and guaranteed on any DXpedition frequency.
> This morning on ZK2C was no exception. These are blatant QRMers, not
> ignorant lids. I also believe there are at least three different recurring
> offenders (predators?) that slither about 160m cw causing the tripe. It is
> up to other local Top Banders to identify these scoundrels amongst them.
> the mean time, I use very narrow filters to avoid the QRM as much as
> possible.
> 73, Terry K4RX
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