Topband: 90 ft or 120 ft vert fer TB

Rick Karlquist richard at
Thu Feb 9 16:25:21 PST 2012

vk3pa at wrote:
> Hi all,
>   after loosing my 90ft top loaded vert (wind storm 120kph +++) fer
> TB, I find I have enough meteral to go to a max of 120foot vertical (
> 4 lengths @ 30 ft)
> Q is, if I base load will this be much better than my 90 ft top loaded
> vertical was?
>   (108 dxcc wked/12 months)

The advantage of top loading for the 90 footer will almost
make up for the height advantage of the 120 footer.  The
structural degree of difficulty is much greater for 120
feet than 90 feet, so it would be hard to justify 120 feet.
If you have a good enough ground, there is no advantage
to the additional height (except greater BW).

Rick N6RK

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