Topband: 4 new radials...

k3ky at k3ky at
Fri Feb 10 00:49:12 PST 2012

Hi, Jim-

Remember, when you transmit, those radials are radiating.
Worst case, you might even get arcing from any unlucky
voltage points along the 'radials' depending on power
level and the actual lengths. And those wires are in
your neighbors' basements? Yikes!

They could possibly tear up AM radio reception, Hi-Fi in
general, cable and DSL modems, etc. Your situation would
make me nervous. Even 100W levels might interfere with
your neighbor's electronics. Sorry, don't mean to rain on
your parade, but this could be problematic for you.
I guess it wouldn't hurt to try...

73, David K3KY

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