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If one visits Oahu the opportunity to see another one does exist (probably easier to talk the XYL into a trip to HAWAII).   I did some work with the US Army on Oahu a few years back and did see the installation from a distance.  Its located in the NE corner of grid BL01xm, or -158.01135W, 21.52228N.  I used this map site to get the location info:    

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I would love to have one of the giant DF antennas!  Wow!  Makes a Four Square (or even a W0UN-style Nine Circle) array look anemic. 
The James Bamford book on NSA "Body of Secrets" has many references to Elephant Cage rx arrays. 
Here's a great picture of ANFLR-9 array: 
The associated Wikipedia entry is interesting: 

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