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That makes a lot of sense. The FCC has never allowed any form of 
parasitic directional array.  They want something that has positive 
control. In the 60s there was no computer modeling so the effect of a 
slant wire would be basically guessing.

For hams running a slant into the window is an excellent approach. It 
permits matching where it should be without having an outdoor tuner.

On 2/10/12 6:37 PM, Herb Schoenbohm wrote:
> No papers that I know of Guy,  just the word of a consulting engineer
> who said he applied in the 60's and said it would not be considered as a
> solution for even a slight pattern control to protect another station.
> He finally had to go to a two tower array, another ground system, a
> phaser, a day night switching control and a lot of bucks for the owner.
> Station now are allowed lowering power to accomplish protection but back
> then it was 250w, 500w, or 1KW, etc.  Nothing in between for a single
> tower set up.  Now they permit single tower daytimers to operate at
> night with very low power levels as low as a few watts to keep their
> station on at night. I am sort of certain that some ham has modeled the
> pros and cons of a slant wire feed for a grounded tower but I have never
> seen such results published. Some hams tell me they do this to bring the
> feed wire into the shack so they can use the tuner there to get a decent
> match across the band.
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