Topband: Amazing Video of an extremely large circular array

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That would be great Lee but one system won't be enough, you will need to put
up any number of systems so subscribers can be assured what is spotted can
be heard in their area... 


Go for it...





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    Arrrrg, Herb you have stumbled on to the idea we have joked

 about here for some time. A pair of 8 element RX arrays for

 diversity receive served up by subscription on the internet.

 Located on top the double peaked 1200 foot hill 2 miles south

 of the shack here of course. I can dream cant I?

Lee  K7TJR 





As the all band demand would increase the load from a 100 users to 
thousands, I guess it would be up to the system capacity and if the 
antennas are capable of the bandwidth requirement at one given moment 
without compromise.  Maybe it would be done by subscriptions with on 
line payment option like Pay Pal at a cost per hour etc. Without some 
limits it would quickly be overload by a zillion SWL's and even Intel 
agen agents from over 100 countries listening to BC stations from 10,000 
miles away.

B.T.W Jeff gave me radio pioneer Sam Harris's call as W1FZJ or W1FZJ/KP4 
and later as W1BU.

Herb, KV4FZ

On 2/11/2012 11:29 AM, W0UCE wrote:
> Herb:
> If any organization or individual is fortunate enough to gain access to a
> CDAA there is no reason to limit use of SDR to 160 meters, any band 160 -
> would benefit.
> 73,
> Jack
> Since some of these large antenna sites are no longer used it could be
> an ideal location for a SRD receiver feed (for 160 meters only) and with
> sufficient delay during contests to avoid their misuse, as a means to
> study propagation.    A lease under a radio club would be an awesome
> experience to have active radio receivers in other parts of the world.
> Yes there are many SDR's all over the place but few have anything decent
> on topband as an RX antnna.  Some of the remaining locations are in
> caretaker status and the owners maybe interested in turning them over to
> radio clubs or universities for such a research project.  A Wi-fi
> connection, a router server, and a bunch of SDR radios, hooked to the
> antenna various antenna ports for switchable options, would enter a
> whole new level of experimentation on topband.
> I remember when 160 meter and EME enthusiast Sam Harris (forgot his
> call) used the Arecibo Space Telescope for moon bounce.  His efforts
> began a whole new resurgence of interest in this communications mode.
> now even some DX-peditions are trying it.
> Why not use them before they are gone?
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
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