Topband: Amazing Video of an extremely large circular array

ZR zr at
Sat Feb 11 11:32:56 PST 2012

> I remember when 160 meter and EME enthusiast Sam Harris (forgot his
> call) used the Arecibo Space Telescope for moon bounce.  His efforts
> began a whole new resurgence of interest in this communications mode.
> now even some DX-peditions are trying it.

That was the birth of EME, not a resurgance. Sam, W1FZJ, made the first EME 
contact just a few years before moving from MA to PR. I was one of his 
antenna "apes" in MA as his favorite saying was "if it stayed up during a NE 
winter it wasnt big enough". His monster 144 and 432 Cushcraft collinear 
arrays on the big towers were always shedding parts.

While Sam was a big gun on 75 SSB with a 30L1 driving PP 750TH's to a Lazy H 
I dont remember him even having gear for 160 as he was using S Line with a 
R-390 as a 2nd receiver.


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