Topband: 160m dethroned? 600m the new top band?

Charles Otnott wd5bjt at
Mon Feb 13 08:30:42 PST 2012

Everyone should check out the following link:

One local amateur - Pat Hamel, W5THT, is participating
in this experimental effort. He has been keeping the
members of the Magnolia DX Association, K5MDX, and others
fully informed on his progress. He has been heard in
deep Oceania, and many two way QSO's around the country.
He requests SWL reports be forwarded to the moderator of
this experimental program.

He documents his station and antenna system there as well.

I am a retired USCG Chief Radioman, and have stood countless
500Khz radio watches, and am very familiar with propagation
on the 600 meter band. Real DX is there at low power levels.
Amatur radio operators should take a look at how the FAA does
things on the 200-400 Khz Aeronautical Beacon band for antenna
ideas and theory.

73 & Best DX


See September 2006 CQ Magazine for a published work.

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