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k6xt k6xt at
Fri Feb 17 07:29:11 PST 2012

Like VE3XZ I like real cards. But, striking out for my goal of over 300 
on each HF band, less 160 where I don't have enough goo nor enough 
years, I concluded the expense could be better directed toward making 
the QSO, than confirming it.

My logger (DXLabSuite) shows in its packet application and its logging 
apparatus who is LoTW active. For non-low bands (40 and down) I don't 
seek to work non-LoTW users unless its relatively rare enough that I'd 
choose to send a card, or its an expedition I'll also work on the low 
bands. On the theory someone else will show up who is on LoTW. Or unless 
I just want to yak.

As far as QSLs preserved for posterity it seems to me the family that 
keeps little postcards around as memorials, which mean just about 
nothing to the non hams except "my Dad did this", are few and far 
between. I expect my QSL's and awards will be in the trash poste haste 
once my corpus lands there.

Meanwhile things change. CQ mag has the Marathon. Getting involved in 
that, now I work anything. Total renewal every year, no QSLs required. 
Then GlobalQSL came along, taking some of the expense and most of the 
pain out of QSLing, for example, an entire contest log. Now it seems 
more like a balancing act between my personal goals, finance, and the 
electronic tools.

Gotta run now. TU2T and 6O0N cards just came in the mail.......

73 Art K6XT~~
Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.

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