Topband: Logger32 and LOTW

rick darwicki n6pe at
Fri Feb 17 08:53:57 PST 2012

Logger32 will send and download your log to ARRL without you having to do a lot of work, Click Click Click.

Spots are also high lighted as LOTW users

I worked an FK8 on 6 meters and he says:

For direct return postage to some countries, sorry but USD2  is not sufficient. USD3 is OK. Euros are also OK.
There is no outgoing buro in FK. I am shipping to buro via air my QSLs once or twice a year.
If he gets on every opening and works 2-3 a minute for an hour or so he probably makes more annual income than most people on the island hi hi
Most people on 160 for long haul will QSL via the buro if you email them

Rick, N6PE


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