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Mon Feb 20 09:07:06 PST 2012

All -

I want to publicly thank the 50 or so of you who gave me input on the issue
of what to do about the new 630 meter band with respect to this reflector.

There were many good comments received.

I think the answers pretty much favored one of two actions:

- Allow some discussion here - and eliminate it when it becomes "too much"
as activity increases.
- No 630 meter discussions here on Topband.

I didn't keep a count of the "votes" - but I believe the second choice
above would have had the most.  However, both of these choices seemed to
indicate that at some point, a different place would be needed to discuss
the 630 Meter band - it was just a matter of when.

It seems that that many of the technical subjects discussed here on Topband
will likely not be very applicable to the new band.  Most stations won't be
able to put up a full sized antenna of any kind.  The concept of measuring
EIRP is new to most of us.  Likely - there will be LOTS of discussion
amongst a small group of people - with the majority of this list not really
interested in the topic (see the recent LOTW discussion for a clear example
of this).  It is possible that the new band will mostly employ computers to
make QSOs.  This is very different than how most of us operate on Topband.

Therefore - it now seems obvious to me that Topband should stay focused on
160 meters.

There is a "Lowfer" list that might be more appropriate for discussions
relating to this band.  I have contacted the list owner and he is fine with
that.  You can find more information about this list here:  Also - at least one person
who responded to the question was willing to setup a new reflector focused
on 630 Meters.  I will let him step forward and do that if he decides he
still wants to do that.

If you are interested in both 160 meters and Topband - it shouldn't be too
inconvenient to subscribe to two lists instead of one.  The flip side of
this is having the majority of people on Topband having to delete the large
amount of traffic the interest in this new band is likely going to

I realize this "decision" might not be to everyone's liking - but I think
most will agree - having a clear direction so everyone can know what to
expect is probably a good thing.  I will now take the reflector back off of
moderation.  I have deleted the few 630 meter messages that were in the
cue. I ask everyone to try and be sensitive to the situation and not
over-do postings on non-topband related subjects.   A little is okay - but
some issues quickly turn into a firestorm (again - see the recent LOTW
discussion).  Those who can't seem to moderate themselves will likely end
up having some help with that.

73 Tree N6TR
Net Control - or "It's a ditry job... but somebody has to do it".

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