Topband: Topband list and 630 Meters - the decision

ZR zr at
Tue Feb 21 17:58:44 PST 2012

I recently talked to Ken Gordon, W7EKB, who owns 600mrg at, the 600M experimental group forum about opening it up to hams that are interested in learning more about the new 630M band before its available in 2013.

The rules are basic and pretty much similar to most other forums. Keep it civil or privileges are pulled. A bit off topic is fine.

You will find many similarities with topband and some differences, particularly the extended groundwave capability even at 5W ERP.

There are several well known people on the group who are well versed in antennas, such as Rudy Severns, N6LF. Getting a signal on the band from a small lot is not easy but many have done it and worked long distances.

See some of you there I hope.


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