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David Hollander n7rk at
Wed Feb 22 13:09:18 PST 2012

630 meter propagation will be almost entirely groundwave as ionospheric
 > conditions generally do not support skywave (a primary reason for the
 > use of LF and low MF for NDB).

Definitely not true!

I started chasing NDB's between 200 and 450 kHz a couple of years ago. I 
regularly copy NDB's out of Hawaii and have heard as far as Japan and 
JD1 Minami Torishima to the west. I am using an active antenna with a 3 
ft whip up 25 feet. I use my FT-1000MP for my receiver and it works very 
well in the 200 to 500 kHz range.

If you guys want to get an idea as to propagation, you might start 
listening for NDB's in the mean time. Their is an active reflector for 
that which is here.

NDB LIST INFORMATION PAGE (Members Area/Awards/Listening Events pages):

To identify what you are hearing you can use this web site.

Many of these beacons are running 25 watts to mediocre antennas.

Have fun.

Dave N7RK

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