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Thu Feb 23 05:52:37 PST 2012

QSL Jose
Yes I believe only ON4UN in Europe has worked 3C0 on Topband.  So there
is also a huge demand for 3C0 on 160 meters, everywhere.  I too would
like to see 3C and 3C0 on 6 meters!  Don't hesitate to ask about 160
and/or 6 when you work them.  See you in the pileups!


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For that matters its not only the US, I have not worked 3C or 3C0 in
topband, Hi!
I'm not sure if many got it in 160m. in this country, if any :)

3C0 would be welcome in both 160m and 6m (and 60m for that matters).

73  Jose  CT1EEB

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