Topband: 3C6A

k6xt k6xt at
Fri Feb 24 13:47:37 PST 2012

"Try" 160 at 2300Z? What it will take is a daily dedication to the low 
bands (80 and 40 needed here as well) for as long as its dark in 3C0. 
2300Z is still 90 minutes to sunset in CO and 3 hours on the west coast.

Bearing in mind there's just two ops, that would mean a sharply 
decreased emphasis on daytime operation, converting it to sleep time. 
 From what I've read and observed so far, it doesn't seem likely. Lots 
of folks who need 3C0 anywhere at all won't appreciate the suggestion.

Bearing also in mind 3C0 hasn't been on low bands any time recently, the 
pile ups will be huge and unforgiving. It'll take real low band 
dedication to work thru them. It'll take even more dedication to work 
west US stations thru the EU and east coast curtains.

There's two sides to the DX Code of Conduct pictured on the site. One of 
them is our side, the callers. The other is the DX side. Referring 
especially to sticking with a partial call until its correct in the log, 
no matter the jamming level. Often what we hear is the DX gives up and 
moves on to one of the intentional QRM jammer incessant callers. A 
tactic guaranteed to increase the incessant caller activity level.

Well I don't know about the WF part but I'll surely be W'ing til they're 
in the log. Lets hope for the best, c'yall in the pileups.

73 Art

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