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> There's two sides to the DX Code of Conduct pictured on the site. One of them is our side, the callers. The other is the DX side. Referring especially to sticking with a partial call until its correct in the log, no matter the jamming level. Often what we hear is the DX gives up and 
> moves on to one of the intentional QRM jammer incessant callers. A tactic guaranteed to increase the incessant caller activity level.

Hi Guys,

A look back through my late 1920's issues of QST magazine reveals a monthly column entitled, I believe, "PREHISTORIC SIGNALS". Therein, for all to behold, were the specific call signs of stations heard during the previous month that had not pulled-up their bootstraps on the eve of newer, more stringent regulations from the then FCC regarding signal quality...

These offenders were guilty of such things listed as "raw AC on signal", "extreme drift", "excessive chirp", etc. etc. etc. The idea, obviously, was that offenders so "outed" would be inspired (shamed is more like it!) to re-vamp their transmitters, bringing them up to the then "modern" standards.

I wonder if a similar such list of "PREHISTORIC OPERATING STANDARDS" might be in order to-day?

DX-pedition operators know the repeated callers, the out-of-turn callers, etc. only too well---as do those of us on this side of the pile-up. Does working these offenders not, effectively, REWARD their "prehistoric operating standards"? Would it, perhaps, be better for the organizers of such DX treks to publish the call signs of REPEAT offenders on their web site, for all to see (including, hopefully, the offenders themselves)...?

I don't know what general consensus might be on such an idea, but it's apparent that whatever excellent codes of DX conduct exist in the printed form on-line, in the various Amateur publications, etc., they are completely & utterly lost upon a GROWING cadre of so-called "DX'ers". Perhaps the time is nigh to stop relying upon the "honour system" to elevate standards, and to instead, cite poor operating standards & etiquette in a public way...because things are hardly improving on the air, such as they are.

~73~ de Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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