Topband: KP4TE QRP?

Herb Schoenbohm herbs at
Mon Feb 27 03:23:00 PST 2012

Topbanders need to find out how KP4TE does it with 5 watts as his signal 
from Florida was better than all other Florida stations running QRO 
Alpha's and full sized 1/4 verticals.  He has some sort of magic that we 
need to find out about!

Herb, KV4FZ

Call: KP4KE/W4
Operator(s): KP4KE
Station: KP4KE

Class: Single Op*QRP*
Operating Time (hrs): 14

Total:  QSOs = 207  State/Prov = 37  Countries = 8  Total Score = 20,250

Club: Bavarian Contest Club


Hello! from FL.
This year  I was planning to go to PR
But after I saw the result of last year contest I decide stay in FL.
I work this contest before from Tampa  with  0ne inverted L.
This time I have a litter more time and I made 3 antennas
2 for transmit&  receive and a loop for receive.
Maybe this is my last contest in 160 CQ .

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