Topband: detuning shunt fed tower

N1BUG paul at
Fri Nov 30 08:37:44 EST 2012

Thanks to everyone who replied (many off list)! I will be working 
through personal replies and follow-ups but have spent most of the 
last 24 hours frantically investigating my station setup. I do have 
some SEVERE new noise issues, and that vertical still needs to be 
detuned. However...

I also found connector problems in my receive system, which I am 
trying to correct as best I can. I became highly suspicious 
yesterday when I bumped the desk and my noise on a particular 
Beverage/frequency went from S1 to S8! The culprit in that case 
turned out to be a blasted RCA connector which has now been ripped 
out, thrown in the trash, and replaced by an SO-239. A similar fate 
is about to befall a few more of the devils!

Thanks & 73,
Paul N1BUG

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