Topband: My Peeve

Gary Smith Gary at
Fri Nov 30 22:58:05 EST 2012

So I just got done working Herb & I'm kinda miffed at all the 
stateside stations working in the DX window. I didn't count them but 
15 is a good conservative number. 

I don't have the greatest Rx situation but I've managed to pull out 
13 multipliers so far and all but one I found within that cluttered 
window. I have a pair of 250 Hz filters and have the digital narrowed 
down to 50 Hz and have been very slowly S&P so I've been listening to 
all the "quiet" spots for DX throughout the band.

Damned shame those inconsiderate few like to sit in the middle of the 
best multiplier nest and call CQ Test.

Time to crack a beer and keep spinning that VFO...


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