Topband: Spurious Signal on 1810.8

wa3mej at wa3mej at
Tue Oct 2 18:51:26 EDT 2012


  I honestly thought that was a growler here at my house (typically caused by a wallwart or TV) and had no idea that others were hearing it. Today I took another look at it and opened up one of my favorite spectrum monitoring tools. I recorded the spectrum as well as the audio.  Please note that at this location FM19nm it shows clear 60Hz spectral lines and you can clearly see descrete frequencies on the spectrum display.  

Attached is a link on my WEB site where you can observe the spectrum (.JPG) and an audio file (.WMV). These should be usable by most of our users .... I hope.  

At my location I observed an S5 signal on my inverted L and when switching to the Beverage (aimed at about 35 degrees) was S1.5 

I hope this is what everyone is seeing and I am interested in finding this as well.. 

Now does anyone have a signal about 1.836 there abouts? 


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