Topband: Redux: that mysterious 1.810 signal

wa3mej at wa3mej at
Wed Oct 3 14:01:53 EDT 2012

It seem to me that we need to find this interferer if for no other reason than it is there.. you know... "In search of Tecnical excellence" 

I will try to plot the location  If the people with directional antennas would send me: 

1. their readiings of the heading. 

2. their heading prefer lat/lon but full grid square will probably work sufficiently 

3. if you know the 3db beam width of your antenna it would help greatly 

4. I dont particularly care bout signal strength 

Would appreciate reports from anyone rotatable antennas especially but a Beverage will work but again I would like to have 3db beam width .. or length of your beverage (I will calculate Beam width) 

In as much as the FCCs Laural monitoring station is in my back yard and they have a line array(phased array) in their lower 40 they may be able to get better bearings. Finally.. I do not believe it is in eastern PA it is much weaker on my Beverage (35 deg) than my Inverted L. My best guess is that it is off/on the coast of MD or VA... the bearings people have taken so far tend to indicate this. 

Anecdotal information like s5 here while interesting will not help me isolate the problem. 

Ohh by the way keep these headings off list please I will post a composit of the info a week or so after all the readings are done.. or put them on my web site and in a link to the TB reflector.. for brevity. 


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