Topband: The use of digital modes on 160 metres - thanks to all

George, VK5IT vk5it at
Sat Oct 13 04:08:42 EDT 2012

Hi Topbanders,


First I must apologise for the delay in putting in my thanks to you all -
perhaps I could argue that I was waiting for the dust to settle or to a time
when it was safe to put my head up again. -J


For me it was quite educational hearing from those that were using these
modes and of their experiences in addition to also see the tone of the
responses and the politics involved with the digital modes on Top Band. 


Perhaps one reply stood out most in my mind because it caused me to have a
bit of chuckle - 
<<George, This is where you need to go -- The Top Band Digital Group
(TBD160): Then you will taint this group no more. <big grin> >>
Thank you all once again and my congratulations on a great reflector.
George, VK5IT


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