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I believe the original query was about transmitting effectiveness which is 
where the 15M and 60M heights of the original poster were suggested.


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>>> RDF is the key point to improve signal noise, not gain. Vertical or low
>> dipole has very or none directivity, so low RDF or directivity does not
>> improve signal noise.
>> In general, this is the case, but it is not always true.
> Since I started using RDF, let me explain what it really is.
> RDF is really just directivity. I used RDF so people would stop using 
> gain, because gain has little value for receiving. For example, if I place 
> two Beverages side-by-side 1/4 wave apart there is almost no pattern 
> change. Gain increases 3 dB, but certainly not receiving ability!!!
> As long as the noise is evenly distributed in all directions, or if 
> dominate noise would be randomly distributed in all directions at 
> different times, RDF works great as a guideline.
> If dominant noise comes from the SAME direction and polarization as the 
> desired signal, nothing will help. Anything that nulls the noise also 
> nulls the signal.
> If dominant noise comes from a null direction, the difference between gain 
> in the desired signal direction to null of the noise will set the 
> performance. For example, with a thunderstorm off the rear, F/R is most 
> important.
> If noise is unevenly distributed, then it becomes very complex.
> Most people out in a rural area are probably in a situation where whatever 
> QRM or noise bothers them, comes from random, differing, directions. Some 
> people in congested areas have significant noise from one direction, and 
> they need a deeper null in that specific direction. Going for 
> exceptionally high F/R is meaningless unless there is somewhat-consistent 
> strong QRM from the rear.
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