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Nagi nagi at
Sun Sep 2 12:27:01 EDT 2012

Top band friends,

I am sorry for being late to post but I have to tell that Isaji Shima 
JA3AA who was
the father of not only the Japanese 160m but also entire Japanese amateur radio
passed away.

JA3AA died at the age of 81 on August 11.

JA3AA was one of the five hams who were permitted the license in 1952 
for amateur radio
first after the World War II.
After he saw the activity of Stew W1BB and others on 160m he started to work on
Japanese government to permit operating. He had sent written petition 
again and again
and finally had got the permission for 160m in 1964.

The QSO between JA3AA - JA3JM was the first ever on 160m in JA.
And JA3AA worked VS1LP (old 9M2) which was the first QSO between JA - DX on 160m.

I began 160m setting a goal to job of Shima JA3AA and Tok JA7AO who passed away
just one year ago and competed with them in 70's.

I miss them when I think I cannot hear their signal any more but 
their keyings stay
on my head and I never forget.

RIP to JA3AA ..._._

73,    Aki   JA5DQH / KH7A 

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