Topband: VK6HD

Brian Machesney nekvtster at
Fri Apr 12 19:38:51 EDT 2013

I don't know if it comports with Australian regulations and/or traditions,
but I sent the following message to the Australian Communications and Media

Mike Bazley of Albany, WA recently became what we in amateur radio circles
call a "silent key." Mike represented Western Australia to amateurs
worldwide in the best spirit of the service, with unfailing courtesy,
patience and dedication. The "Topband" email reflector is ringing with
testimonials to the appreciation so many of us feel for Mike's unswerving
commitment to providing contacts with the elusive "zone 29" on the 1.8 MHz
and 3.5 MHz bands. To honor Mike's devotion to our hobby, I request on
behalf of amateur radio operators around the world that Mike's call sign,
VK6HD, be retired from reassignment.


Brian Machesney, K1LI
Craftsbury Common, VT USA

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