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I support the concept of a 'quiet' area, for weak signals.
I am also a realistic, and competitive contester.
I cannot control what OTHERS do, but I consider calling CQ in the DX window akin to cheating.  You will never hear ME do that.  Unfortunately, I have to QSO stations that do, or else face a self-imposed penalization.  In these days of Cabrillo logging, it would be an easy task to eliminate all same-continent QSO's from contest credit, if they violated the stated rules of the contest.  Then the problem is partially solved.  Only peer pressure can discourage strong DX signals from squatting there, perhaps by a widespread feeling that it is an unnecessary 'crutch' and only for listening for your antipode.  Careful, if you allow the concept of a 'window' into your mind, it will migrate to your heart before you know it.

There is also an interesting trend, in Europe at least, for contest-free band segments.  Below 3510 or above 3560, for example.  Presumably, there must be either monitors, or computerized log analysis (probably both.)  As long as all competitors play by the same rules, it meets MY definition of 'fair.'

Hey, I don't even have all of the questions, let alone the answers.

Allen - N2KW

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>> According to "The segment 1.830 to 1.835
>> should be used for intercontinental QSOs only." I hear a lot of contacts
>> being made between stateside stations.

The rule is very easy to understand.

When operating between 1830-1835, all stations cannot work other stations on 
the same continent as they are on. This rule does not preclude USA or VE 
stations from CQ'ing in that range, but it certainly does prohibit NA-to-NA 
contacts. Despite people thinking DX Windows are for listening only, there 
was never a rule like that. They only preclude local or same-continent 

NA and SA are considered the same continent, but for a Ham radio ARRL 
contest most reasonable people would use the ARRL/IARU continent list.

The problem today is, with our decreased overall education and desire for 
freedom, people in the USA think cities are continents and any  rule against 
what we feel like doing is a bad rule.  Good luck on getting any rule made 
clearer.    :) 

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