Topband: Insulator problems

John Harden, D.M.D. jhdmd at
Mon Dec 16 11:31:50 EST 2013

Because of a current/voltage node I was toasting SO-239's (FORGET Type
"N"'s).... I went to Amphenol Type "HN" connectors in the 160 tuning box
at the base of the tower. It NEVER arcs now, ever.....

They are not cheap, but they work great...


John, W4NU

On 12/16/2013 11:16 AM, Charlie Cunningham wrote:
> You might consider polycarbonate. (GE calls it "Lexan")
> It's very strong both mechanically and electrically, and it's machinable.
> 73,
> Charlie, K4OTV
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> Not sure what your replacing if it is a round insulator piece for 2 pipes
> or stand off type insulator for matching section or what?
> Try fiberglass rod material or Teflon blocks depends on application.
>  Teflon blocks were used on heavy industrial equipment when shipped so the
> equipment can be slide over the floor.
> Bird poop will short things out no matter what you use!!

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