Topband: How does KP4KE do it with 20 watts?

Michael Tope W4EF at
Mon Mar 4 01:47:05 EST 2013

He claims he is using a "4 element vertical beam" to Europe. An 
optimized 4 EL array combined with proximity to saltwater might explain 
it, but that still seems like a big stretch. I remember sending an email 
to Ed @ D4B remarking on how loud he was here in W6 during one contest 
where he was active. He wrote back saying that his amplifier had died 
and that he was running low power during the entire contest. I couldn't 
believe it. Still going from 1500 Watts to 20 Watts is an 18.8dB 
deficit. That's a lot of dBs to overcome with antenna and QTH. 
Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Seems like he should 
step up and provide a detailed description of his antenna system and 
QTH. Barring that, one is really left to wonder.

BTW, here is what K2KW was able to do with a single vertical on the 
beach with 5W during CQ WW CW 2003:

20W would be 6dB louder. Add gain from a 4 element array and good 
conditions then it might be possible to explain it given the great 
advantage of CW over SSB on topband. Of course K2KW made no secret of 
his antenna system and QTH. Same thing with D4B.

73, Mike W4EF.....................

On 3/3/2013 2:31 PM, Herb Schoenbohm wrote:
> Really, if his claims are true KP4KE worked 49 countries in two nights 
> during the CQ 160 meter contest running only 20 watts. He claims he is 
> using for the states a "double bazooka" at 85 feet. His signals on RBN 
> were consistently stronger than my 1.5 KW to a 1/4 wave vertical with 
> 60 radials.  In fact he was stronger here than Perdro, NP4A who has an 
> excellent low band setup with ample power output.  My point is that if 
> there some sort of "magic antenna" that can do this I think it would 
> be important to do an forensic analysis of it's structure. As far a I 
> can understand such a feat is unprecedented on 160 meter SSB and 
> TB'ers might be interested in examining such an an antenna that you 
> can hang at 85 feet and be the top dog on the band.
> Please let me know when you know if there is true RF magic on 160 meters.
> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ
> Call: KP4KE
> Operator(s): KP4KE
> Station: KP4KE
> Class: Single Op LP
> QTH: Puerto Rico
> Operating Time (hrs): 14
> Summary:
> Total:  QSOs = 508  State/Prov = 49  Countries = 49  Total Score = 
> 318,794
> Club: Rhein Ruhr DX Association
> Comments:
> [log removed from comments]
> Hello, from Aguadilla PR
> *Working the contest with 20 watts was fun.*
> my Antennas are 4 el. vertical beam looking to EU and  two inverter L 
> and  a
> double bazooka at 85 feet high to the USA  but conditions no good to 
> USA  but
> to EU very good opening both day
> my goal was 50 countries but only made 49  and  49  State and Canada
> No activities from central america and a lot of islands in the 
> caribbean with
> no operators.
> I receive very good reports from EU station.
> I think I was the only KP4 Station early on band both days that help a 
> lot
> Sorry for delay in send this report but no internet in shack.
> See you in next contest
> 73 & DX  and remember put your money in ant. no in power hi hi.
> Good ham operator no need power.
> _________________
> Topband Reflector

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