Topband: How does KP4KE do it with 20 watts?

Gary Smith Gary at
Tue Mar 5 01:55:32 EST 2013

> Really, if his claims are true KP4KE worked 49 countries in two
> nights 
> during the CQ 160 meter contest running only 20 watts. He claims he
> is 

I have a transmit advantage I would not like to surrender, I am maybe 
200' from salt water in a marsh which contains my radials. It sucks 
for Rx but for Tx, I have a kick butt station albeit it is only wire 

I just 5 minutes ago worked XT2TT with 15 watts on 1.8331 while I was 
waiting for my amp to warm up; this is my input wattage on 160. 
Considering he came back to me after three calls and all I'm using is 
an inv-L over the 50' tree top with a nice radial bed of 50(-)  
radials with 1/2 on a salt marsh, I can see how someone can do very 
well with 20 watts and a fine antenna can work many countries on 160 
when they are a rare multiplier.

I'm just sayin'...


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