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Tue Mar 5 14:01:25 EST 2013

I'd like to read whatever information (real results) you guys have on this.   My email is my call sign with

Thank you Milt for your info.   Nice setup!    If I understood it correctly - the buried and elevated were comparable.  

I've read most of the well known books on this and it's not conclusive.. after all these years - I would expect it be more certain.

I don't think the data is getting out there perhaps or I haven't seen it.    A study done working with low band grounding etc...

Things like

1) If you have the space and work hours and money isn't an issue - go with 120 1/4 wave buried radials.

2) Good soil doesn't require as many radials..   someone was commenting on the AM towers be reconditioned - using elevated radials.   

3) Elevated radials work better with poor ground conditions.   Higher with lower bands.. 15-25ft on 160m..

4) You don't need as many elevated radials as ground radial..  (debate about 4 to 12 or so?)   I'd say 12 but would like to see a study.   Some say 2 or 4? 

Once you have the control antenna it's easy to start comparing real world results.    How's 12 radials sound?    Cut 4 off..   how's 8 sounds.     The K.I.S.S.  approach.

I don't think it would be very hard to disconnect some radials and say - "how's the signal now?"...  two guys with a walkie talkie making doing some tests cutting some wires etc... 

During the 160M SSB there was a guy in CA who was 59 the whole time into Hawaii.   I called him back on the last day and asked what he was using..  I forgot what he said, but he switched his antennas and he went from a solid S9 to S5.   He said that sounds about right.    That was a huge difference.   

I was using a 160m dipole up about 30ft at the center and 10 feet on the ends.  I'm sure that wouldn't model very well but I was 56 to him.   I do need to model in my sloping terrain to ocean etc..

That poorly modeled dipole that would be shooting up 90 degrees or something can go 5000+ miles.

That's what I'm talking about.    Why bother with a ton of wires and work unless you can see a real world difference.     I'm putting in an inverted L with the FCP ground to see how that compares to my low dipole (radials are hard for me)

My results will be based on - "Jack (W2XX), let me switch my antenna and tell me how you copy me."    If it's not a noticeable difference I might want use that extra coax connection for something else later.


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