Topband: Elevated Radials EPILOGUE

Buck wh7dx wh7dx at
Thu Mar 7 00:44:32 EST 2013

Now in the most recent 22nd Edition of the ARRL Antenna Book...

3-14 - It goes on to say that a few elevated radials should perform as well as a large number of ground radials....

And that the signal will improve quickly with just a little elevation...  Interesting graph - Figure 3.27  - you need to get to about 30 ground radials to equal 4 elevated.

The elevated needed to be symmetric...

It goes on from there.

I suspect the fairly recent (??) information on the advantages of elevated has let to at least one military study and a ton of other information on the internet... talk about reconditioned AM stations with elevated radial?

Buried is safer - but it requires a lot more work and money.   But if you can use 8 (???) elevated radials versus 60 buried on 160M we're talking a mile difference in wire. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm new to this and by no means knowledgeable in the field - but I can say that after reading these two very well know books.. and a ton of stuff on the Internet - which is my specialty.. It's a little confusing..

It's time for Myth Busters Ham Radio.   It should be fairly simple I would think..  Poor ground - (X) number of elevated at a specified wave length height - symmetrically laid out...   Decent ground - (X) ground or (X) elevated at this wave length height.. etc....

That should do it for me.

If anyone has more "real life" info on this..   email me at my call sign +



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