Tom W8JI w8ji at
Sat Mar 9 08:01:09 EST 2013

The life of aluminum not only depends on the environment and the particular 
aluminum alloy, but also the electrical potential it is connected to.  It 
can be especially bad in the presense of chloides, like near the sea, or 
with high galvanic potentials.

It disappears pretty fast at my house in contact with soil, either because 
my other ground systems form a battery through the soil, the iron in the 
soil, and/or the pH.

I use #9 aluminum fence wire for some antennas, and I'm planning on using it 
in a open wire feedline. I have had some breakage problems in aluminum wire 
antennas because of wind vibration or some other fatigue. Due to weight 
restrictions, I almost have to use aluminum wire in some places.

73 Tom 

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