Topband: Titanex verticals

la5he at la5he at
Mon Mar 11 07:07:53 EDT 2013

We are quite a few who are very fond of our Titanex lowband verticals.
However, Titanex seems to be in "sleep-mode" so I have been searching for a
source to get spare Titan-Alu tubes.
Finally a company in Switzerland has emerged and they can supply tubes in
what they call GRADE 2 and Grade 9.   I have no idea what that means.  Do
we have somebody with expertise in our fraternity ?

There is a minimum order of 50 meters, which means f ex  10 x 5 meter tubes
for the top section.   I believe there is a demand for  spare tops , or
what ?
I have no pricing yet.
What say ?

73  rag   LA5HE

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