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Thelpone C wire is a copper clad steel wire, as long as the hard plastic sheath remains intact it will be fine, however if the sheath is damaged to expose the wire it rusts rapidly and breaks. I spent many years repairing such wire. Water will migrate inside the sheath and the wire will become very brittle.

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Subject: Topband: Telephone C-wire for radials and Beverages
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I wonder if regular telephone company C-wire would not make great 
radials either buried or on ground. I do not know the impedance but it 
would also be a stronger replacement for WD-1A for directional Beverages 
as well, although I am not sure what the 40% conductivity comment all 
means, I would think it would be more suitable to resist corrosion and 
the dissimilar metal issues than any aluminum product.

Just curious,

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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