Topband: Ingolf Schuster - DL4JS, one of T2YY - silent key

Andreas Hahn dl7zz at
Fri Mar 29 10:03:37 EDT 2013

Deeply shocked and with our deepest regrets we have to announce  that 
Ingolf - DL4JS - passed away on Thursday, March 28th 2013 due to a 
terrible accident during the DX-Pedition T2YY.
We express our deep sympathy and solidarity with his family and his friends.
Ingolf was a well-known serious technician and RTTY-operator and took 
part of activities such as 6V7M, HU2DX T00SW, 5K0Z, XV4YY, XU7AJS, 
TO8YY, 9H9OB or 5T5DC.
We all will miss you, Ingolf R.I.P.!

Rich, DK8YY and Det, DL3ALI will be still active as T2YY in honor of 
Ingolf until April, 4th as planned. We hope all DX er understand that 
this will be only sporadic.

Be patient!

vy 73, Andi, DL7ZZ

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