Topband: Nested Loops with one feedline results

Jim GM jim.gmforum at
Wed Sep 4 13:21:48 EDT 2013

Just try loading the 160 loop.  With the other loops inside floating with
not feed line to them and leave one end open.  Tuning each one may get real
touchy.  I did this with and 80M folded dipole and worked great with SWR
less than 1.5:1 on the 4 bands I was tuning.  Your Loop would react
differently is my guess but with the same results.  Lots of work though. It
will take at least two twelve packs to do the job over several weeks of
cutting and pruning.  Start with the lowest band first and work your way to
the higher frequencies, cause one will affect the other a bit.
Jim K9TF

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