Topband: ARRL 160m contest and DX Window?

Petr Ourednik indians at
Wed Dec 3 17:36:18 EST 2014

Hi Peter

I don ´t think so.  :)
I have just 2x BOGs, 1x Hi-Z vertical and MiniDiamond W2PM loop all
connected to
wireless antenna switch. If You will add the 
time for tunning around frequency using RIT + playing with four rx
antennas and tx antenna 
then You have about 5sec...
Well of course sometime its all much shorter but 
I wanted to note that listenning just 2-3sec only 
is really short and it´s possible to missing weak sigs very easily...

Thank You Peter,

73 - Petr, OK1RP

On Wed, Dec 3, 2014, at 11:16 PM, Peter Voelpel wrote:
> You must have quite a number of receiving antennas and a very slow switch
> 73
> Peter
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> When I am calling CQ I am trying to listening with switching between all
> of
> my RX antennas combination to ensure that nobody is calling me... so in
> my case I need to listenning
> between each CQ at least 30-45sec I guess.
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